ATMOS 3-Node System

The ATMOS is a Micro Portable 3-Node System with Full Server Rack Capability that replaces the traditional fly-away case composed of a transit case.

ATMOS (Advanced Tactical Modular Open System)

The Rugged 3-Node ATMOS Server from Core Systems features three independent Hot-Swap Intel® Xeon® server nodes connected to the onboard Cisco® ESS-3300 8-Port switch with integrated UPS battery backup. Each modular node can be independently configured for enterprise-grade compute and storage operations. The ATMOS by Core Systems features the industry’s lowest size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) of any deployable tactical data center and operates on 24-28VDC battery power.

The Expeditionary ATMOS from Core Systems replaces the traditional fly-away case composed of a transit case, multiple 1U servers, 1U switch, and 1U UPS. Each integrated ATMOS stack consists of 3x Xeon-Servers, 1x 8-Port Cisco Switch, and internal UPS-battery backup. The rugged ATMOS features all of the attributes and compute power of a traditional deployable server stack in only a fraction of the traditional server stack size.

Technical Specifications

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