Core Systems Incorporated, a leading global provider of rugged computer solutions, will be providing rugged 2URMS servers for the U-28A aircraft of the USAF Special Operations Command. The lightweight 2U short-depth server provides the answer for a tight-spaced military environment such as inside the U-28A aircraft.

Originally a commercially-available Pilatus PC-12, the U-28A has seen worldwide operation in missions such as Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. The main objective for these light aircrafts is to provide on-call/surge capability for tactical airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in support of Special Operations Forces. Its lightweight design allows the aircraft to carry 10 passengers or 3,000 pounds of cargo, making the 23-pound 2URMS the right size server for its missions.

The rugged design of the 2URMS that will be assisting in missions on the U-28A features a short 21” depth and SWaP-Optimized components. The M218S meets the requirements of the following tests…

DO-160D Section 4 Cat A1 – Temperature High & low

DO-160D Section 4 Cat A1 – Temperature- Altitude

DO-160D Section 5 Cat C – Temperature Variation

DO-160D Section 6 Cat A – Humidity

DO-160D Section 20 Cat U or R – RF Susceptibility

DO-160D Section 21 Cat L or M – Emissions of Radio Frequency Energy

DO-160D Section 7 Cat B – Operational Shock

DO-160D Section 7 Cat B – Crash Shock

DO-160D Section 8 Cat S – Curve M Vibration

DO-160D Section 16 Cat B – Power Input

DO-160D Section 17 Cat A or B – Voltage Spike

DO-160D Section 18 Cat A or Z – Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility

DO-160D Section 19 Cat A or Z – Induced Signal Susceptibility

DO-160D Section 25 Cat A – Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

The 2URMS server from Core Systems also features an 18-36V wide range DC power. All of the internal cabling of these systems is customized and secured to the chassis to optimize airflow and system cooling. To learn more about our Rackmount Servers, click here.

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Core Systems is a premier provider of complete integrated systems for the Industrial, Embedded, Military and Communications marketplaces. Core Systems also supplies a large line of off the self and custom integrated enclosures and displays. They design, manufacture and customize open system platforms to meet the demanding requirements of our customers’ programs, using both standard and enhanced Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology. Click here to learn more about Core Systems.

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