Core Systems Supports Rolling Hills Foundation Fun Run

Core Systems, industry leader of rackmount computers and displays, proudly supported local Rolling Hills Foundation in their annual Fun Run Fundraiser on Friday, November 4th. Core Systems employee Tony Catalano delivered the generous donation to Rolling Hills Elementary School principal Kathleen Marshack and stayed to participate in the Fun Run.

Rolling Hills Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) California corporation that is dedicated to provide continual funding for programs such as Art, Music, and Physical Education. The Foundation serves to keep these programs in the regular school day, providing Rolling Hills Elementary School students with a well-rounded education despite budget cuts amid the current fiscal state of Education.

Core Systems’ donation helped the Foundation towards their goal to raise enough money to fully fund their PE coach and PE equipment, music teacher, and Arts Attack program and art supplies. Rolling Hills Foundation will be hosting more fundraisers throughout the school year to continue on towards their goal.


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