Rugged 1U DL160RS

The Rugged DL160RS 1U server is based on the HPE industry leading DL160 Server platform and has a 20.00″ short depth chassis.

DL160RS GEN9 1U Rugged Short Depth Server

Based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) industry leading DL160 Server platform, the Core Systems DL160RS Gen9 Rugged Server is a cost effective, fully rugged 1U compute platform designed to operate in today’s most stringent environments. The DL160RS has the latest HPE ProLiant and Intel® Chipset technology offerings, resulting in no compromises and optimal performance for the tactical user.

Offering standard Integrated Lights-Out capabilities for simplified IT infrastructure management, 16 slots for DDR4 memory, eight drives, and two standard NIC ports, the DL160RS Gen9 Rugged Server offers the ideal set of features for meeting your customer’s everyday rugged computing needs. The DL160RS Gen9 Rugged Server enables users to start small, and scale easily, as their tactical computing needs grow.

Faced with an evolving deployment base, DoD, Intel®, and civilian customers require an agile IT infrastructure that scales readily and consumes minimal space and energy. To support today’s data-centric megatrends—big data and cloud computing— tactical users need to optimize their rugged IT environments and move to a distributed computing model where rugged servers are deployed as converged network platforms.

With space and environmentally optimized physical characteristics, such as a 22” chassis depth, 92% efficient power supply, inherent support for higher temperatures, dense 1U design, and optional FlexibleLOM capability, the DL160RS Gen9 Rugged Server enables users to minimize the operational costs of energy and space—making it a perfect match for your tactical environment.

Technical Specifications

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