Core Systems Environmental Test Lab Prepares Rugged Systems for Military Life

Core Systems, the leader in design and manufacturing of rugged computers and displays solutions features on-site engineering, assembly, and environmental test lab along with a complete metal fabrication and machine shop. Headquartered in San Diego, California, our 50,000+ square foot facility all systems go under strict military testing to ensure that servers, LCDs, rugged portable computers and more can handle the stress of the environment and extreme usage.

The Environmental Test Lab at Core Systems was designed to qualify systems and displays to operate in accordance with Military Standards such as MIL-Standard-810, 167, 461, low shipboard 167 and even 704 power requirement.  The environmental test lab holds a vast array of hardware which includes environmental chambers from companies such as Thermotron, Russells, Inland and Unholtz-Dickie.

Altitude Testing

The large altitude chamber simulation handles up to 100,000 feet and includes temperature, rapid decompression and even negative altitude for all 810 military call outs. The altitude chamber is used for products that are employed for air-borne or aerospace applications.

Temperature Testing

For common temperature and humidity testing, Core Systems has six chambers that handle thermal cycling and a wide range of extremes to achieve fatigue and identify latent defects over a period of time. Temperature change is among the most common stress factors that a server, LCD, mission computer or portable computer endures in its service life.

EMI Testing

For customers with MIL-STD-461 EMI concerns, Core Systems can test and handle all CE102, RE102 RS103, and RS103 testing. Spectrum analyzers, EMI scanning, and a fully anechoic chamber are all owned and operated at the Core Systems facility to ensure EMI concerns are handles and proven in a detailed graph showing high and low points.

Shock and Vibration Testing

With dynamic factors such as displacement, velocity, acceleration, and force, vibration from electrodynamic shakers, Core Systems can accurately simulate a wide range of conditions that can help improve product quality and reliability. The Core Systems shock and vibration testing lab features a VR9500 Vibration Controller, which efficiently runs vibration tests at low and high sample rates with up to 26,000 lines of resolution for random testing is an industry maximum and at your deposal for any servers, displays or tactical systems.

Salt/Fog Testing

The Core Systems Salt and Fog Chamber provides a controlled accelerated corrosive environment for evaluating the relative corrosion resistance of the coating, substrate, or part itself. Parts or panels are placed inside a chamber and exposed continually for a specified period and then evaluated for resistance to corrosion. Salt and fog is a common problem as it is present from air to land to seas.

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