The rugged MLD2K from Core Systems features dual 19" LCD displays in a side-by-side configuration. The dual LCDs have independent DVI and VGA inputs.

The rugged MLD2K from Core Systems features dual 19″ LCD displays in a side-by-side configuration. Both of the dual LCDs have independent DVI and VGA inputs. The MLD2K comes with a keyboard and tracking device options and has additional options for A/R protective glass, EMI filters, and resistive or capacitive touchscreen. The MLD2K is a dual LCD display that is designed for deployment into the harshest of environments.

The dual 19” display has a native pixel resolution of 1280 x 1024 and is built with anti-reflective glass. The SWaP-Optimized MLD2K utilizes 2U height and is 28 inches deep. With an industry-leading rugged design, this dual 19″ panel mount LCD is perfect for missions of all kind.

Technical Specifications

Environmental Specifications:

Operational Temperature Range: MIL-STD-810F/G, Method 501.5, Procedures I/II; -10C to +50C

Storage: MIL-STD-810F/G, Method 501.5, Procedures I/II; -40C to +75C

Humidity: MIL-STD-810F/G, Method 507.4; 48 hour, 95% RH 40-65C with humidity option

Altitude: MIL-STD-810F/G, Method 500.4; 12,500ft operation with 40,000ft transport

Vibration: MIL-STD-810F/G, Method 514.6 Procedure I; 4.43 GRMS, 5-20000Hzz, 60min/axis with solid state drives

Shock: MIL-STD-810F/G, Method 516.6, Procedures I/V; 20g, 11msec functional shock; 40g 11msec crash hazard shock

Other: MIL-STD-461F/G CE102 & RE102; Meets using CORESYSTEMS optional 461 EMI Kit


Height - 3.5 in (8.90 cm), Width - 19.00 in (48.26 cm), Depth - 28.00 in (71.12 cm), Weight - 39.5 lbs (12.70 kg)

Display Size:

19" Diagonal


SXGA 1280 x 1024

Number of Colors:





Standard D-sub 15-pin VGA and DVI-D

Power Management:

EPA Energy Star, VESA DPMS

On Screen Display (OSD):

Contrast/Brightness, Autosetting, Clock/Phase, Horizontal/Vertical, Position/Expansion/OSD, Text/Graph, Mode Selection, Color Temperature, Recall

Sealed NEMA 4x Keyboard:

USB connection; High quality gold crosspoint keyswitches; Tactile keystroke; 5,000,000 lifecycles per switch; 134,000 MTBF; Power: +5V DC @100 mA max; Synchronous 8-bit data

Pointing Device:

Resolution: 130 DPI; Ball Size: 16mm; Two programmable button mouse keys

KVM Option:

8 or 16 port integrated KVM with OSD

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