Rugged M217S-FIO

The rugged M217S-FIO server is a 2U server with a front I/O chassis. Includes front to rear cooling, front removable CMOS battery tray & slim-line DVDRW.

Rugged M217S 2U Server

The rugged M217S-FIO server is a short depth 2U server with a front I/O chassis. The machined aircraft aluminum chassis provides superior strength to weight ratio. The M217S-FIO rugged server includes front to rear cooling, a front removable CMOS battery tray, and a slim-line DVDRW drive. It is built to survive high shock and vibration environments. Options for conformal coating and EMI filtering are offered on each system.

Built with ultra-sturdy all-aluminum chassis, this rugged computer features five shock mounted hot-swap drives and supports the latest Intel Quad and Hexa-Core CPUs while providing a 4-slot front riser card. The rugged M217S-FIO includes the latest technology that provides our customers with high-performance data analytics and scientific computing abilities.

Technical Specifications

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