How Rugged Workstations Optimize Military Missions

Rugged workstations have become essential to enhancing the speed and versatility of military missions all around the world. Combining LCD displays, keyboards, and high-performing computers, these rugged workstations provide personnel with an all-in-one solution needed to optimize almost every aspect of a military mission. How does this combination of basic systems create an optimal environment out in the desert, sea or air? Let’s find out.

Saving Space and Time

Rugged workstations come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Displays can fold in and out with ease, which allows military personnel to quickly move around and adapt to new situations. Pull-out drawer and fixed-mount displays come in many different form factors to satisfy the requirements of 72U fixed racks and mobile transit cases. The days of bulky, immovable workstations are dead and gone.

Multiple LCD Rugged Workstations

Triple LCD workstations are essential to missions that require a true panoramic viewing experience. Multiple LCD setups provide users with the ability to multitask with ease and enhance communication to their team members. The best part about workstations that feature two or more screens is how easily they fold into each other which gives it the benefits of a single monitor workstation.

Core Systems Rugged Workstations

MLD3K – Rugged 3U Triple-H 19″ LCD & Keyboard

The rugged MLD3K is a triple 19” LCD in a short 3U form factor. Comes with full travel keyboard and an integrated touchpad or trackball pointing device.

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G219-RDS – 2U Dual-V 19″ LCD & Keyboard

Core Systems has created a fully rugged G219-RDS which is a 2U Dual Screen 19″ Layflat LCD with Sealed Keyboard and 4-Button Touchpad.

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Rugged workstations have changed the game for military missions and will continue to be crucial for the Army, Navy, Air Force and other branches of the military. By providing a multiple screen operating space that can fold down quickly and easily, military personnel can keep their focus on the tasks at hand. For more information on rugged workstations, click here.