Environmental Testing

We have the equipment needed to perform at the MIL-STD-810 level in-house which includes an Altitude Chamber, Temperature Chamber, Shaker System, Salt/Fog Chamber and Vibration Testing.

Core Systems Installations

Our products have been installed in a variety of military environments. Our understanding of the military product marketplace allows us to support our customers with purpose-driven products and services.

ISO 9001:2015 Company

We are a Certified and Registered ISO 9001:2015 Company. Our QMS system is driven from top management down to every Core employee and serves as the backbone of the company.

Core Systems Logo

At Core Systems, we are setting the standard in performance for Rugged Computing Systems.

Core Systems is a premier manufacturer of best-in-class rugged computer and display solutions provided to the nation’s top defense, aerospace, and energy companies. Our diverse lines of rugged products are deployed in ground vehicles, aircraft, and maritime installations worldwide.

Core Systems is driven to provide the Rugged Computing Marketplace with best-in-class, ultra-rugged computer solutions.

Our Onsite Capabilities Include:

Rugged Computer and LCD Design

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Vertical Milling Center

Powder Coat & Silkscreen

PCB Design Group

SMT Fabrication Line

Conformal Coating Lab

Robotic Potting Lab

Class 100 Clean Room

Core Systems and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Launch the Rugged HPE Series

If by Ship, Tank or Aircraft, Core Systems Has You Covered Core Systems, the industry leader of rugged rackmount computers and displays, announced today their release of the rugged HPE Series by Core Systems. Based on the industry-leading DL server platform, the DL160RS, DL180RS, DL360RS, DL380RS and HC250RS are cost-effective …

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Core Systems Releases the M1U2201 All-In-One 1U Computer and Display

Core Systems Incorporated, a leading global provider of rugged computer solutions, announced the build of the M1U2201, an all-in-one integrated computer with a 17″ display and keyboard. Core Systems has engineered and built a short depth, all-in-one system with a removable drive and room for a PCI-e card all within …

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MTN5915 Ruggedized Cisco Router

Core Systems Incorporated, a leading global provider of rugged computer solutions, announced a ruggedized version of Cisco switches and routers. The MTN5915 MIL-SPEC Cisco 5915 IOS-managed router, qualified to meet MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901D, MIL-STD-167, and MIL-STD-461. The MTN5915; a repackaged, rugged Cisco 5915 Embedded Services Router (ESR) card is a perfect …

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