Rugged Servers and LCDs

We offer a variety of ruggedized Military-Grade Rackmount Computers, LCDs, Mission Computers, and more in several form factors. Browse our rugged products and request a quote today!

Environmental Testing

We have the equipment needed to perform at the MIL-STD-810 level in-house which includes an Altitude Chamber, Temperature Chamber, Shaker System, Salt/Fog Chamber and Vibration Testing.

ISO 9001:2015 Company

We are a Certified and Registered ISO 9001:2015 Company. Our QMS system is driven from top management down to every Core employee and serves as the backbone of the company.

Core Systems Logo

At Core Systems, we are setting the standard in performance for Rugged Computing Systems.

Core Systems is a premier manufacturer of best-in-class rugged computer and display solutions provided to the nation’s top defense, aerospace, and energy companies. Our diverse lines of rugged products are deployed in ground vehicles, aircraft, and maritime installations worldwide.

Core Systems is driven to provide the Rugged Computing Marketplace with best-in-class, ultra-rugged computer solutions.

How Rugged Workstations Optimize Military Missions

Rugged workstations have become essential to enhancing the speed and versatility of military missions all around the world. Combining LCD displays, keyboards, and high-performing computers, these rugged workstations provide personnel with an all-in-one solution needed to optimize almost every aspect of a military mission. How does this combination of basic systems create …

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Small but Strong, Rugged Mission Computers Add Versatility to the Military

As technology grows it also seems to shrink at the same time. Electrical devices of all kinds have become more and more compact over the past decade, so much so that we have access to most of the world’s information right in our pocket. However, this trend goes far beyond …

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How Salt, Sand, Dust and Fog Can Drastically Affect Military Computers

It’s difficult to consider salt, sand, dust, and fog as an enemy on the battlefield that can destroy your resources, but it happens more often than you think. These small particles can easily get inside computers, servers, and displays, ruining the inner workings of these devices and corroding the rugged …

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