Core Systems Passes MIL-S-901D Barge Testing

Core Systems Incorporated, a leading global provider of rugged computer solutions, announced it has passed MIL-S-901D barge testing at the Rustburg Division of National Technical Systems (NTS).

Multiple configurations of the Core Systems’ rackmount servers and displays were loaded for High Impact Heavyweight 901D shock testing for CVN Communications Equipment. The objective was to verify the EUT would operate prior to, during, and after a near-miss explosion. Core Systems was successful in the test series, Grade A, Class 1, Unrestricted Orientation Vertical Axis Specified, and approved for the following platforms: CVN, CG, DDG, FFG, LCC, LCS, LHA, LPD, LSD, and MCM.

“The U.S. Navy continues to rely on Core Systems and our partners to provide systems that will perform in these types of harsh, unstable environments. Many of our competitors simply ‘design to meet’ these requirements but we don’t take chances. We will always go the extra steps needed to meet and exceed quality.”

– Chris Schaffner, President of Core Systems

Watch a video of our 901D barge testing below…