Core Systems to Provide the Ruggedized Cisco C220 for the DCGS-A

Core Systems, the industry leading provider of rugged computers and rackmount displays, is proud to provide servers for the United States Army’s DCGS-A mission. Hundreds of military-grade Cisco servers have been built to give the Army exactly what they need to produce military intelligence for multiple military branches and their soldiers. Speed, reliability, and versatility is paramount for the DCGS-A. Core Systems has ruggedized the Cisco C220 to be the perfect fit for the military in this mission. With its experience working with the military, Core Systems is the perfect fit as well.

The mission of the DCGS-A is to provide distributed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) planning, management, control and tasking; multi-intelligence fusion; and robust joint, allied, and coalition forces interoperability to enhance Soldier situational awareness, provide analysts with all-source intelligence and improve commanders’ ability to destroy the enemy and protect the force.

The Cisco C220, of which hundreds will be used in this mission, is the most versatile, general-purpose enterprise infrastructure and application server in the industry. Core Systems has ruggedized the unit and shortened it to fit the Army’s specific needs. Reducing depth while maintaining the versatility was of utmost importance to the Army in order accomplish their goal. The Distributed Common Ground System–Army (DCGS-A) enables unprecedented timely, relevant and accurate targetable data to the warfighter, so failure in operability is not an option.

The DCGS-A is a robust mission that has an impact on soldiers and civilians. Its primary goals are as follows…

  • DCGS-A enables the user to collaborate, synchronize, and integrate organic and nonorganic direct and general-support collection elements with operations
  • DCGS-A can discover and use all relevant threat, noncombatant, weather, geospatial, and space data and evaluate technical data and information on behalf of a commander
  • DCGS-A provides organizational elements the ability to control select sensor platforms and payloads and process the collected data


In a nutshell DCGS-A gathers information that enables commanders in the field to identify, locate, capture and stop the enemy.

Core Systems is proud to be a provide DCGS-A with the ruggedized servers they need to successfully complete their mission. All of the Cisco units are built in the United States and meet MIL-Spec standards thanks to the Core Systems environmental testing facility.