Core Systems Releases New 2U Rackmount Dual 19″ LCD Display MLD1920-RDS

Core Systems, the industry leader of rugged rackmount computers and displays, announced today their release of the brand new 2U rackmount dual 19” LCD display, the MLD1920-RDS. The new 2U dual screen rackmount LCD features side-by-side 19” LCDs in an ultra short depth of 20”. The all-aluminum construction provides for a sturdy lightweight chassis. Each 19” LCD screen offers a resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, a color depth of 16.7 million colors, and a contrast ratio of 500:1. The MLD1920-RDS features an integrated kill switch for all electronics, dual thumb screw locks, and integrated heavy duty friction slide rails.

The MLD1920-RDS brings new and innovative updates in construction. The 2U dual display features dual rear locks on each display, ensuring the unit remains securely closed during rough transport. Another unique feature of the Core Systems 2U dual screen is the introduction of dual rear pistons located on the rear of the display. These heavy duty rear pistons serve to keep each display in the open position during heavy shock and vibration. The new dual 19” LCD by Core Systems serves to be the most robust dual 19” display solution in the industry.

The MLD1920-RDS easily integrates into any dual display application. Dual LCD screens in a short depth 2U form factor are often critical to transit case applications where space is at a premium. The two screens offer a valuable extended display for visual applications such as video surveillance, image mapping, and real-time video editing. By offering two LCDs side-by-side that fold into a 2U case with the shortest depth in the industry, Core Systems maximizes rack space and functionality.