1U G219

The rugged G219 from Core Systems is an industry leading 19” rackmount LCD in a 1U form factor and has been tested to meet military standards.

G219 - 1U 19" Clamshell LCD & Keyboard

The rugged G219 from Core Systems is an industry-leading rugged 19” rackmount LCD & Keyboard in a 1U form factor. Its clamshell display configuration features an integrated kill switch for all onboard electronics, a reinforced quick-release cable retention arm, and an integrated touchpad or trackball pointing device for either PS/2 or USB host.

The 19” display has a native pixel resolution of 1280 x 1024 and is built with anti-reflective glass. The rugged G2 Series LCD is the shortest and lightest combination DVI and VGA input 1U clamshell display in the industry.

Technical Specifications

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