Rugged RCAT-4948E Cisco Switch

The RCAT-4948E is a hardened 2U 4948E Ethernet Switch machined out of solid aircraft aluminum that meets military standards.

Rugged RCAT4948 Cisco Switch

The rugged RCAT-4948E is a hardened 2U 4948E Cisco Ethernet Switch machined out of solid aircraft aluminum sheets to lighten the chassis for payload sensitive requirements. It extends to military applications with enhancements that support the deployment of data and multimedia services that require thermal, shock, vibration, altitude, and humidity conditions not offered by the standard commercial Cisco version. Custom connections, external cable sets, and custom AC or DC power requirements are available.

The RCAT-4948E chassis is milled from solid blocks of aircraft aluminum to provide unmatched structural rigidity.┬áThe aluminum is 6061T-651 strain hardened structural aircraft aluminum that is 0.25″ to 0.50″ thick.

All the components on the Cisco board are potted for vibration resistance. The boards are conformal coated for humidity and tin whiskering.

Core Systems designs the RCAT-4948E switch to meet or exceed the military specifications listed to the right. If you require further reference material on our testing documents and procedures please contact us here. Both the chassis and system configuration can be customized to meet your specific program requirements.

Technical Specifications

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