Advanced Military Solutions for Rugged Cabinet Integration

The modern military relies on cutting-edge technology and efficient computer systems to carry out complex tasks and achieve its missions. In demanding military operations, it is crucial to have rugged, secure, and user-friendly computing technology that can thrive in harsh environments. To meet these requirements, various computing technologies, including servers, displays, and routers, need to […]

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Advantages of Solid-State Storage in Rugged Computing Applications

Solid-state storage is becoming increasingly popular in computing applications, particularly in rugged environments where traditional hard drives are not suitable. Rugged computing companies like Core Systems recognize the importance of incorporating solid-state storage into their devices, as it offers numerous benefits over traditional storage solutions. Rugged computing applications require durable storage solutions that can withstand […]

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Testing & Certification of Rugged Computers for the Military

If you’re operating in unpredictable environments, such as military missions or emergency response situations, you’ll need a rugged computing solution. These situations can be harsh, making testing and certification crucial to guarantee that the devices can withstand them. Rugged computing solutions are essential for those who operate in challenging conditions, but it’s important to ensure […]

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Impact of Salt, Sand, Dust & Fog on Military Computers

Protecting electronic devices on the battlefield from natural particles like salt, sand, dust, and fog is crucial. These tiny particles can easily penetrate computers, servers, and displays, causing damage to the internal workings and corroding their chassis. To ensure that these particles do not clog filters, cause cracking of the protective coating, or cause any […]

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How Rugged Workstations Optimize Military Missions

Rugged workstations have become essential to enhancing the speed and versatility of military missions all around the world. How does this combination of basic systems create an optimal environment out in the desert, sea, or air?

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